Creating Random Groups

You can utilise Easy Attendance to create random groupings of the students inside of your course/classes
Written by Alan
Updated 4 years ago

If you need students assigned to random groups quickly then this feature is for you.

1. Tap 'Random' from the Tab bar menu

2. Tap to select the course/class you wish to generate random groupings for

3. On this screen you can choose from the create groups containing anywhere from 2 to 30 people in a group. To add these grouping options, simply select 'Add New Grouping Option'

4. You can now toggle between having Easy Attendance create groups that consist of all students from the course/class or only those present on that specific day.

5. You can now select the grouping option you wish to adhere to. Easy Attendance will also give you an indication of which grouping arrangements will result in uneven group numbers. 

6. The app will then generate your random groups and present them like below

If you need to generate a new selection of random groupings using the same grouping option, you can press the refresh button in the top right. Alternatively you can press the back arrow in the top left to return to the grouping options screen.

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