Importing Students into Courses via CSV

Learn how to import students into courses from a CSV file
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Now that you've setup your courses its time to add students so you can capture their attendance.

1. Select "Add/View" from the tab bar.

2. Tap the course/class you wish to add students to.

3. You can now select 'Import' from the available options which presents you with the following options

4. To see an example CSV showing the correct format for the import select 'Show Example CSV'. You an also choose to send this file to yourself via email or other methods. (Download Sample CSV)

5. Once you have the sample CSV on a device running appropriate spreadsheet software like Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets you will see the following format.

6. Using the spreadsheet software you can edit as you need including the various fields you wish to store information about. The only mandatory field is the Student Name. See the example below;

 7. Once you have prepared your spreadsheet file, please save as CSV. We recommend saving the CSV file to iCloud Drive or email the CSV as an attachment to yourself for easy import. 

Email Method

If you've emailed the CSV to yourself follow these steps to import into the app

1. Open the email from your iPhone or iPad on the device you're attemting to use Easy Attendance with. 

2. Open the CSV attachment in the email you sent yourself

3. Press the action icon in the top right of the app

4. You can now select scroll through the list of available app actions as below. Follow the direction of the arrow until you reach 'More'

5. Tap 'More' and scroll down until you see 'Copy to Attendance' 

6. The Easy Attendance App will open and you can select the '
Course/Class' to add students to from your available list.  

7. Your Students and their data will now be added to the respective course/class. You can repear the process for other courses.

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